Battersea Power Station

Hotels Near Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is undoubtedly one of London’s most visually commanding landmarks. In fact, it’s the largest brick-built building in Europe! Many people are surprised by the lavish Art Deco interior decoration, and the instantly recognizable four chimneys; which have featured as a backdrop for many music videos over the years, including The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Take That.

Many people visit the city to catch a glimpse of this spectacular landmark, not to mention the Southbank area in general, which is well known for its lively bars, restaurants and cafes. If you’re seeking hotels near Battersea Power Station, then the Maiden Oval Hotel is a popular option; as it offers cost-effective, comfortable accommodation, with close proximity to the area.

Unlike other hotels near Battersea Power Station, the Maiden Oval Hotel is also well positioned for many of London’s other famous sights and attractions.

A Brief History
This iconic power station has a rich and interesting history. Construction originally started in 1929, though there was a considerable protest from many people; concerned not only about the emissions, but also the fact that the factory would create an eyesore on the banks of the River Thames. As a result, Giles Gilbert Scott, a respected architect, was hired to design the building. He would later on go on to design another power station… which now famously houses the Tate Modern!

Battersea Power Station ceased generating power in 1983. Since then, numerous proposals have been suggested to convert the building; including perhaps most interestingly, the suggestion of making it into a theme park.

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